Delta Summer Mentorship FAQ


Q. Help, I can’t login with my Roll number.

A. Please register here before trying to login.

Q. Help, I missed the mentorship briefing!

A. You can watch the briefing here.

Q. Do I need a laptop to partake?

A. We highly recommened completing the tasks given during the mentorship if you have access to a laptop. (Even an old computer is fine, we will help you speed things up!). However, we also have something in store for those without access to any computer.


Q. Who can apply?

A. All first years are eligible to apply for the summer mentorship. However, only B.Tech and B.Arch first years can partake in the normal induction process. We will have an alternate process for others.

Q. Will people part of other clubs and teams be allowed for inductions?

A. As long as you are dedicated to Delta and are able to manage both, it’s not a problem. However, you will not be able to apply for any core Pragyan teams if you’re a member of Delta.

Q. Can I start from scratch?

A. Absolutely. The whole induction process is aimed at teaching everyone from the very basics. A lot of us started from scratch in the summer and we were able to do well because the process places a lotta emphasis on one’s interest/dedication.


Q. In case I apply for more than one profile, can I dropout from any of the profiles at any time? Is profile changing possible once into the team?

A. Yes, you will be allowed to dropout / change your preferences at any time. Though joining multiple profiles only widens your knowledge and at selection your expertise in a single domain is what will be evaluated you will have to narrow down to one profile at the end, that is during the onsite inductions. Profile restrictions exist only for the induction process and you’re free to engage in any profile after joining Delta!

Q. What are the prerequisites to apply for Open profile? What are the projects?

A. In the case of the open profile, we expect you to be at least moderately proficient in your domain before the inductions start as opposed to the other profiles. We will review your profile and assign projects based on your proficiency.

Mentorship and Inductions

Q. When does this start?

A. Summer mentorship will begin this weekend with form registration. The current situation is too unstable to comment on the exact timeline of inductions and onsite rounds.

Q. What happens during the mentorship process?

A. In the mentorship program, you’ll be given some tasks on the profiles that you’ve chosen. These tasks are meant to help you learn about the profiles. You’ll also be allocated a mentor from Delta who will guide you, clear your doubts and review your work. Feel free to trouble your mentor with any questions you might have.

Q. Is this compulsory to get inducted?

A. We highly recommend taking part in this program irrespective of your current situation due to COVID-19. The learning process is what helps students perform well during inductions.

Q. On what basis will we be selected? Does my department matter?

A. Rest assured that your selection will happen only on the basis of your coding proficiency and interest and dedication. It has nothing to do with your department.

Q. Is there a limit on the number of people inducted?

A. There’s no limit. If you are good, you are in.

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