Greetings first years! Please fill out the form below to apply for Delta! Once you submit the form, we will be in touch shortly regarding mentorship details and future steps. We look forward to all the cool things you'll be building throughout the summer! Good luck!

About each profile :-

  1. Web Development - If conceptualizing a project from start to finish is your thing and you want to build the backbone of a project, then this profile is for you! Our Web Developers create the smooth frontend that the users interact with as well as the robust backend that all of our applications communicate with.

  2. App Development - There's no denying that mobile applications are the future. Our App Developers are the minds behind the Android apps for Festember, Pragyan and much more! If you're looking forward to building an application that lives in the pockets of everyone on campus, sign up for this profile!

  3. System Administrators - Once a project has been developed, we look to our SysAds to help us push it into production. They manage all of our servers and are the first ones on the scene if an error occurs. If you live within the Terminal, and prefer a CLI over those pesky GUIs, then this profile is perfect for you!

  4. Open Profile - This profile is for any of you who are already specializing in a certain field of programming other than Web Dev, App Dev or Sys Ad. We recommend you apply to this profile only if you are already proficient in this field, and not as a beginner. Eg: Game Development, Machine Learning etc.
    (Note : Algorithms/Competitive Coding does not come under Open Profile.)

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